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Car rental Dakar entered the wedding market

On December 12, co wedding car rental Dakar in Zhengzhou Henan province, market promotion and auto leasing industry seminar, held at the Sofitel Hotel. Throughout the meeting, Zhengzhou city, brings together more than more than 40 wedding companies, car rental companies, Zhengzhou Nissan automobile co city, Zhengzhou, Henan province, China Association of automobile industry, as well as the leadership of the Department of transportation transportation management office, everyone was present and future development and how to create a stylish wedding team was discussed. "Professional SUV rental, free dream provider", as Henan province is currently the only company specialized in SUV models, the professionalization of the largest car rental company, Zhengzhou Dakar car leasing and strive to create a new style of wedding, new choreography for the entire industry.

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