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Italy rich rental fashion

Rich people can buy limousines, buying a good car trouble. Italy "cycling club" knows a smart rich idea, designed for those who love driving love maintenance vehicles provide limousine rental services. Opening year, clubs including Lamborghini, Maserati (Maserati), 50, brand name cars such as Porsche among its members frequently changed hands, car rental Club soon became "old" favorite of people.

just opened

in Europe and the United States, specifically for the rich to provide luxury rental services are developing rapidly, vehicles, cars, yachts, private planes can be "on-demand". People can become members of the Organization, pay a certain fee in Exchange for credits, with integral can then obtain driving time.

in cycle Club founded the business in Milan. Its founder, likaerduo·shimide said, rental car club has the advantage, customers only need to start the engine, put the pedal, enjoy a fun to drive, the rest of the things, including insurance and maintenance costs, are borne by the Club.

while the rich could afford to buy cars, but many people prefer to rent a car opened. Roman Propaganda Malina·maerzuotuo international entertainment marketing company to Reuters, many in Europe began to accept the rich "share" concept, high-class luxury means high taxes and complicated procedures.

"enjoyment more than fun," cycling club a passion for Ferrari's Manager said, "Ferrari needs regular maintenance, even if you have a private Secretary, nor do they know how to serve those luxury cars. ”

in London on "P1" Club maikeer·Bulun said: "a lot of people spend a few weeks a year sailing, at other times, these guys are worth millions of dollars was idle at the dock, they are depreciating on the one hand, on the other hand the host should spend for maintenance fees. ”

contributions are not low

car rental club service is good, discourage membership threshold for many ordinary people. Cycling Club, entrance fee € 20,000 (about US $ 26,400), members are limited to 300 people, new membership but also old members. Club customers of critical, is obvious.

"cycling club member, took only € 20,000 is not enough," Schmid said, "money is not the sole criterion for selection of our members, we are looking at the candidate's lifestyle, but don't have enough money, it means that you cannot enjoy the lifestyle. ”

Schmid also disclosed that the Club currently has 125 members, mostly in the age of 30-55 men, in spite of different doctors, financiers, lawyers, and so on, but they are car people. It is reported that senior members of the Club in order to gain points, renewals 7 times already this year, 20,000 euros.

at present, the cycling club were trying to extend the lease, the next step might introduce works of art and decoration services.

rent to buy

car rental business model was quickly extended to other goods.

United Kingdom BeAFashionista, and Australia's Mila&Eddie, United States "borrow or steal" and other organizations, they rent to members of various brands of accessories, fashion items, and as a result, the pursuit of fashion people can spend a lot of money, rental goods satisfy the desire, without having to worry about how to dispose of obsolete items.

"borrow or steal" member name bag lady to enjoy the love package, minimum rental package costs just $ 15. Won the favor of female consumers, the company also extends to the fine jewelry market on leasing business.

in continental Europe, however, this form of lease has not reached its in the United States the popularity of momentum.

Marzotto believes that European cultures have an impact on people's views, as in Europe, "consumerism is still a possession of need, rather than the experience of pleasure".


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