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Frequently asked questions
Reservation and car  

q: how to make a reservation, car rental?

A:1) to book a car, after the successful reservation, the system will send text messages to mobile phones

       confirmed; 2) to carry your ID card when you pick up the car for the first time, driver's license, account, credit card/cash/bank card to the store for my car.

q: on the question of renewal?

a: to renew under the premise of not affecting the next guest car can only be renewed. Renew the current lease is to call 6-12 before

       customer service hotline, after confirmed by customer service staff can renew until you renew.

q: how much is the monthly rental price?

a: please call customer service enquiries, different car rental prices are different. Monthly 30 days for 1 cycle per month

      7000 km.

q: are there any delivery vehicle for door-to-door service?

a: Yes, all based on the net price paid. Note: at present, only Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan have car-delivery

       door-to-door service.

q: what are the rental costs of your company?

a: include: daily rental, insurance and handling charges. Among them, the premiums are needed every day, fees

       only 1.

q: is already represented in the appointment book successful?

a: Yes, appointments had been booking success.

q: How can I return the car early action?

a: 6 hours in advance you will need to call our customer service call, we will help you modify the order, if the cost of change, we

       will be refunded to you.

q: limited number per rental system?

a: Yes, every customer limited to lease a car.

q: do book your door-to-door delivery services need to pay in advance?

a: no, the service fee is charged only after we had taken a cab.

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